What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui uses the energy existing in spaces to improve the lives of people. Feng Shui determines where energies are blocked, and makes recommendations on how they can flow again.


The ancient Chinese philosophy of space considered the relationships between people and their environment holistically. In the center stands the Qi − the invisible life energy is the most important concept of traditional Chinese philosophy. It is everywhere and is expressed in the complementary qualities Yin and Yang, as well as in the ever-changing phases of the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Qi can be guided and therefore be used consciously.  


Feng Shui is based on millennia of observation of nature. Recurring cycles were recognized in heaven and on earth. These cycles allow processes to be predictable, and one can use the effects for well-being, health and achieving goals.


Various systems for analyzing space and personal characteristic energy have been developed, such as the Compass School including the Ba Gua (eight trigrams), the Ba Zhai Pai (Eight Houses School), and the Flying Stars. The Chinese astrology Bazi Suanming can also be considered in the analysis.


Feng Shui always considers the three levels of Earth, Man and Heaven (San Cai), because the energies at these three levels interact with each other. One can actively intervene on the Human and Earth planes. The energy of Heaven is set and may be used if one behaves accordingly.

Feng Shui in Zurich