More flow in life

“Our homes 

should inspire

us to go out

into the world

to do great 

things & then

welcome us

back for refreshment"


(Melissa Michaels)

Room design insight, well-being with better arrangement

Feng Shui is like acupuncture for your home or business. It gets the energy flowing and creates both harmony and stimulation in the right places. But you don’t always have to paint a wall or get new furniture. Feng Shui is not a question of style; your rooms remain according to your taste. Often you can achieve plenty by rearranging some furniture, accentuating areas or perhaps using a space differently. 

Are you looking for

• ease and well-being in your life?

• more momentum and energy?

• profound change?

• better sleep?

• a new partnership?

Or would you like

• feel more at home in your new flat?

• to buy a house?

• to work more effectively?

• improve your working environment

Feng Shui brings well-being and energy to your life. I am happy to support you in your private and business issues – I analyze both living spaces and work environments.



My advice is offered in German, English and Dutch.