Feng Shui advice for businesses

Would you like more customers to enter your business, feel at home, and buy your products or services? Or perhaps you want a better working environment and more productive employees? Are there difficulties in communicating? Or do repeated patterns of similar problems that cause trouble for your company?


Whether a practice or retailer, office or studio, in these and similar questions Feng Shui can be supportive with recommendations for the conditions of an environment.


Depending on the questions of the company, I look at the arrangement of desks and departments, the reception area, the meeting room or treatment room, to help determine how to improve the flow of energy.


In a preliminary telephone or face-to-face interview, we discuss the concerns and clarify how Feng Shui can help.

You provide:

  • A floor plan of the building or property
  • Year of construction
  • Information about the company, products/services, vision and management
  • Date of birth of the Managing Director


According to the work involved. The framework will be discussed and defined in advance.

The arrangements are recorded in writing by me and confirmed by both sides.


Are you interested? Contact me, and let us clarify together what I can do for you.