Feng Shui advice for private spaces

Get the good energy into your home so you feel more balanced and energized!

Package examples


Brief on-site consultation without report


A brief counseling includes the site visit, dialog and advice based on your situation, and perhaps a simple sketch.


Concern: Better sleep, analysis of the bedroom

Cost estimation: about 2 hours


Concern: To work better in the home office, analysis of study and entrance area

Cost estimation: about 3 hours



Detailed consultation with comprehensive report


A detailed consultation includes a site visit, discussion of the situation, an interview to address the fundamental concerns, creating analysis and proposals including report.


Concern: Verify a 3-room apartment, for example for

• restructuring

• improving partnership

• successful integration of home office and living space

• more comfort at home


Cost estimation: approximately 6 hours


For larger or more complex apartments or concerns, and for multiple people affected, a higher charge is expected.

Schedule of consultation

  • Initial: In a first conversation, we clarify your concerns, wants and needs, and look at how Feng Shui can help you.
  • Analysis of the rooms: Then I visit you at home. Together we discuss your situation and look carefully at the rooms.
  • Report: After my visit I make a report which clearly presents all calculations, an overall analysis, and recommendations for improvement.
  • Closing meeting: In a followup meeting we go through the report together.

If you have any questions regarding the report or my suggestions after the closing meeting, my answer are free of charge up to three months later. The documentation may also be useful as a basis for further discussion.

You provide

  • A floor plan of the property or apartment (If not available, I can measure the area in question and make a drawing. This effort is based on the size of the area and will be charged separately.)

  • Year of construction of the house

  • Period of any major renovations of the building or unit

  • Place of birth, date of birth and the most accurate birth time of the concerning residents of the home

My advice is based on the following traditional Feng Shui principles

  • Life energy (Qi)
  • Yin & Yang
  • Five Elements / Phases
  • Form School
  • Compass School
  • Flying Stars (Fei Tian)
  • Chinese Astrology for good alignment and elements (Bazi Suanming)


My advice will be charged per hour according to an industry-standard tariff of CHF 120.

You can determine how detailed the advice should be.


Contact me to learn more!